Windshield Glass Damage: What You Need to Know

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Few things are more frustrating than something hitting your windshield and causing a crack in the glass. Once this happens, you must decide if the glass should be repaired or completely replaced. There are several things to think about as you make this decision, namely the size of the damage and where the damage is located.

The following are some things to keep in mind if you are not sure if you should repair or replace the windshield.

Can You Repair the Windshield Glass?

To determine if the glass can be fixed, you first need to make sure how many layers of glass are damaged. Windshield glass is very thick and is not always completely penetrated when something cracks it. If only the first layer of glass is damaged, your windshield can likely be repaired.

Another consideration is the location of the damage. The damage should not reach the outer edge of the windshield. This is a vulnerable area and can cause the glass to break or become even more damaged if something strikes the glass again.

If you want to repair the glass, do so sooner than later so the damage does not progress. Some damage can be repaired for less money than a total replacement. Your insurance provider may also completely cover a repair. Be sure to consult your insurance policy for more information.

Should You Try to Repair the Glass Yourself?

You may have seen some DIY windshield repair kits available for purchase. These kits, typically found in auto supply stores, include a resin you inject into the damaged glass. This is similar to the professional repair process.

However, there are some disadvantages to trying to repair the glass yourself. You will not get the same level of quality as you would from a professional repair. You do not have the necessary tools to fix the glass with a seamless finish.

In addition, the damage may be more severe than you initially thought. Once you begin the process of DIY repair, you may find the damage is deeper and cannot be fixed without professional assistance.

The only instance where it may be acceptable to repair your own glass is if the damage is very minor and is in an inconspicuous location. The DIY kits may help a crack from further spreading that would eventually require a windshield repair.

Ideally, it is best to have the glass repaired professionally. Your technician will evaluate the glass and determine the best option for your damage.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windshield?

The final answer will rely on the opinion of the technician working on your glass, but you should still know the differences between a repair and a replacement. If you choose to replace your windshield, it can take more time than a simple repair, which can often be completed in minutes.

A glass replacement is also more costly than most repairs. However, the windshield will be safer and more structurally sound when it is replaced with undamaged glass. If you want to ensure your windshield is safe, a replacement is your best bet. When the damage is in a vulnerable area, the next strike can possibly shatter the windshield, causing a dangerous situation.

You will get a clearer windshield with a replacement. If you opt to repair deeper damage, the damaged area will be repaired but will not be as clear as before.

Driving with a fully intact windshield is crucial to your vehicle’s performance and your safety. If you have any questions about your windshield damage, please contact Aaron Auto Glass. Our mobile glass repair units can be at your location to assess your damage and make any repairs or replacements.

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