Revamp Your Driving Experience With These 3 Cool Car Modifications

Man Driving a Car

If you’re like most Americans, your car is practically your second home. In fact, the U.S. Department of Transportation estimates that the average American spends 55 minutes driving per day. Why not make your time behind the wheel as pleasant as possible with some fun car modifications? Here are a few simple options you can choose from.

1. Window Tint: Sunglasses for Your Ride

Your eyes will be glued to your windshield for the vast majority of the time that you spend behind the wheel. Personalize that viewing experience with a custom-installed window tint.

There are some objective benefits of tinting your windows. The tint will help block harmful UV rays from the sun that would otherwise cause your dashboard, seats, and other interior components to fade and crack over time. More importantly, the tint will help protect your eyes from those same harmful UV rays. You’ll have a much more comfortable time commuting on sunny days without having to squint constantly.

As an added bonus, window tint will keep your car’s interior a bit cooler on hot summer days. You won’t find yourself sweating and sticking to your seats as much. You can even save a bit of money by not having to run the air conditioner as high.

On the subjective side, there’s an undeniable cool factor to having your windows tinted. It’s like putting a slick set of sunglasses on your car instead of the prescription bifocals that it comes with from the factory. The tinted glass gives your ride a sleeker, more uniform appearance, melding the lines of the glass and body panels together.

2. Remote Starters: The James Bond Version of Car Keys

Install a custom remote starter kit on your car so you can fire up the engine before you even step outside your home. In the winter, you can warm up the engine and crank up the heater so you have a nice cozy driver’s seat waiting for you.

In the summer, you can crank up the air conditioner so your interior is like an icebox when you climb inside. After all, there’s nothing worse than dealing with a broiling seat and a sweaty back the moment you set off on your commute.

Remote starters are another upgrade that lets you capture that elusive cool factor. You’ll feel like James Bond every time you click your remote ignition button and hear your car purr to life from afar.

3. Audio System Upgrades: Amplified Music Experiences

Whether you’re a full-on audiophile or just a lover of music, you’ll be amazed by how much some custom audio upgrades can transform your commute. A nice subwoofer and amplifier will breathe new life into every song you listen to. The bass and drum beats of your music will pulsate through your whole body like you’re at a live DJ concert.

You can take it a step further by adding in a custom set of mid-range woofers and high-range tweeters. They’ll amplify the fidelity of your music, letting you hear background notes and instruments in your favorite songs that you weren’t even aware of previously. It’s akin to watching your favorite movie in high definition for the first time: the details and clarity are amplified in such a way that it feels like a brand new piece of art.

If you really want to go all out, you can finish off your audio system with a custom head unit. Quality head units are tuned with audio drivers that will take advantage of your upgraded speaker system to deliver maximum fidelity. They also give you the opportunity to personalize the look of your car’s interior with custom material colors and high-tech displays.

A few relatively simple modifications can turn your daily commute into a much more premium experience. It’s also far cheaper than trading in your current car for a new luxury model that comes stock with all of the bells and whistles. Contact Aaron Auto Glass for work on your windshield or windows.

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