How Winter Weather Affects A Damaged Windshield

Winter Weather Affects A Damaged Windshield – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto Glass

Winter is no time to neglect your windshield, especially if it’s damaged. If you already have a problem, then cold weather will only make it worse. The good news is you don’t have to wait until warm weather hits to have your windshield repaired. Here is more information on how winter weather affects windshields and how winter windshield repair is possible.

How Does Weather Affect Windshield Damage?

Your windshield is great at handling a wide range of temperatures, as long as it’s in good shape. When the weather is cold, the glass will contract. When the weather is warm, it expands. However, with winter weather, you have some extra stresses.

For example, when you warm up your car’s interior, your windshield is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. If your windshield is intact, this is usually not a problem. But, if you have a crack, then it can get much worse.

What Contributes to Winter Windshield Damage?

In addition to the usual road hazards, how you treat your windshield will have a big effect on whether it gets damaged. The following actions could either damage your windshield or make a crack or chip worse.

If You Use the Defroster/Defogger

If you blow hot air on your windshield, you will increase the stress on your windshield. Normally the hot air is a helpful way to make ice scraping easier, but it is bad for a damaged windshield. It will make cracks worse and weaken your windshield’s integrity.

If You Use the Wrong Tools

Only use tools designed for windshields, like ice scrapers and brushes. Do not use shovels or hammers, or you could risk serious damage. When you use your scraper, do not stab or pound into your windshield, even if the ice is thick. You can easily damage your windshield this way or make existing damage worse.

If You Use Hot Water

Some people pour hot water over a windshield when they are in a hurry and want a fast ice melt. However, you should never do this. Hot water could crack and even shatter your windshield. The sudden application of high heat can cause sudden and exceptional stress on the glass. This action is especially disastrous if you already have windshield problems.

If You Use the Wrong Wipers

Use wipers made especially for winter weather. These wipers are stronger and can handle snow and ice better than regular wipers. Most of them have a durable outer layer that won’t freeze to the windshield, unlike summer wipers. They are also heavier and able to move snow out of the way. Also, don’t use summer wiper fluid, as it doesn’t have deicer like winter fluid.

Can Windshields Be Repaired or Replaced in Winter?

Fortunately, you can have your windshield repaired even during the winter. However, winter windshield repair is different than summer repair, especially when it is done outdoors. Outdoor winter windshield repair requires more time. For example, crack repair requires the removal of all moisture. If any moisture remains, it can freeze and cause the crack to expand. Also, the repair resin used to fill the crack takes more time to cure.

Don’t wait until summer to get your windshield fixed if it is already damaged or has other problems. Winter cold and fluctuating temperatures can make even a small crack worse.

Aaron Auto Glass can fix your windshield even during the winter. You can bring your vehicle to us, or we can come to you. We have experience repairing all shapes and sizes of windshield cracks and chips. You can feel confident that we’ll get your windshield back to normal in no time. Contact us for more information.

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