What You Need to Understand About Your Leaky Auto Glass

The glass windows, sunroof, and windshield of your car may enhance your driving experience when they function normally, but they can also cause serious annoyance if they spring a leak. Water leakage into your car can lead to everything from damp passengers to musty smells and electrical damage.

If any of the auto glass panels on your vehicle leak, you need to take action before the leak gets any worse or any significant damage occurs. Here are some key points to help you understand the potential issues you face, why and where the leak has developed, and what steps you need to take to correct the problem.


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Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Windows Tinted

Vehicle Windows TintedIn addition to protecting and maintaining your windshields and windows, you might decide to customize your vehicle windows with tint. Quality window tint is more than a personal preference or style choice — tinted windows provide several benefits. Knowing these can help you make a decision on which windows to tint and how dark to go.

Interior Protection

One of the biggest advantages of tinted windows is the protection the tint film gives the interior of your car. While you can park your car in the shade and use a windshield sun shield on sunny days, the light that streams in from your other windows can lead to interior damage.

The constant light and heat of the sun can crack or warp your dash and other vinyl areas. Leather, vinyl, or cloth seats can get discolored, and your entire interior can fade over time if you don’t have adequate protection from the sun.


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3 Winter Mistakes That Can Damage Your Windshield

Winter Mistakes That Can Damage Your WindshieldThe winter brings cold weather, ice, and snow, which can harm your windshield. During the winter, it’s best to keep your vehicle in the garage or under a canopy, but if you can’t, you need to know the proper way to care for your windshield during the winter. To better protect your finances, check out these three winter mistakes that can damage your windshield.

1. Removing Ice With the Wrong Tools
If the windshield has ice, snow, or frost on it, you should use an ice scraper to remove any debris before you drive anywhere. Of course, using your wiper blades to remove the ice can be tempting, especially if there isn’t much buildup. (more…)

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