3 Tips to Care for Your New Windshield

New Windshield – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassA cracked or chipped windshield is not a problem you can ignore for long. Windshield damage can spread quickly as you continue to drive your vehicle until it poses a significant safety risk. Windshield damage blocks your view and makes your windshield more likely to shatter.

Replacing your windshield solves these problems, but only if the process is completed successfully. The driver has the biggest impact on the success of any windshield replacement after the new windshield is placed. Here are a few tips to remember that will help your replacement windshield set correctly and last for years to come.

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How Winter Weather Affects A Damaged Windshield

Winter Weather Affects A Damaged Windshield – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto Glass

Winter is no time to neglect your windshield, especially if it’s damaged. If you already have a problem, then cold weather will only make it worse. The good news is you don’t have to wait until warm weather hits to have your windshield repaired. Here is more information on how winter weather affects windshields and how winter windshield repair is possible.

How Does Weather Affect Windshield Damage?

Your windshield is great at handling a wide range of temperatures, as long as it’s in good shape. When the weather is cold, the glass will contract. When the weather is warm, it expands. However, with winter weather, you have some extra stresses. (more…)

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5 Dangerous Myths About Windshield Damage and Replacement

Vintage Van – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto Glass

While replacing your damaged windshield can cost up to $400, it’s safer to get a new windshield for your car if it’s damaged. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions about windshield installation, maintenance, and replacement exist. Such myths can affect the quality of care you give to your car’s windshield. Below are some of these windshield myths that you should know about and ignore.

1. Windshield DIY Kit Is Enough

Windshield repair kits are a big trend in auto care, effective if done correctly. The kits contain scraping tools, suction plungers, epoxy, resin, and curing strips.


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