Windshield Facts You Need to Know

Windshield Facts – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassAutomobiles require a lot of maintenance and attention to keep them in safe and working condition. Unfortunately, so many people forget about the importance of the windshield. The windshield isn’t just to help block wind; it actually plays a major role in your vehicle’s support system. To learn more about windshields, check out these facts you need to know.

Tinted Windshields Are Safer (more…)

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A Guide to Cracked Windshield and Mirror Laws in Illinois

Cracked Windshield – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassDriving with a cracked windshield already presents safety hazards while driving on the road, but the continued use of a cracked windshield could create legal troubles as well.

Before you continue to drive with cracked or broken car glass, follow this guide to learn about the legal ramifications. The guide will cover potential traffic tickets or major legal issues associated with windshield and mirror laws.


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Did a Car Thief Break Your Window? What to Do Next

Damaged Windshield – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassWhat should you do if someone breaks into your car through the windshield or door window? In 2018, more than 534,000 motor-vehicle thefts were reported in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Whether a thief shatters your car’s window to get what’s inside or as part of a full vehicle theft, take a look at what you should do next.

Call the Police

Before you deal with the shattered glass or any other damage to your vehicle, contact the local police. You’ll need to file a report — especially if something was stolen from your car. Not only can the police record the damage and theft, but they’ll also investigate the crime and provide you with a report for your insurance company. (more…)

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