Storm Conditions That May Cause Windshield Chips and Cracks

Sudden storms present a real danger when you’re driving, particularly for your windshield. Unfortunately, many storm factors may cause chips and cracks, which can be dangerous. For example, studies have found that windshields provide up to 30 percent of your vehicle’s structural strength, so a compromise here could be a problem if you don’t get them fixed.

Hail and Ice May Create Chips

Rain, no matter how hard it falls, is not likely to chip or crack your windshield. Water doesn’t have that kind of weight or density. However, frozen water — such as hail or even ice chunks — could easily cause a chip. Though the risk of a crack forming from nothing isn’t too high, a chip from a hailstone could quickly turn into cracks if struck by another hailstone.


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Car Window Tinting: What You Need to Know

Tinting your car windows has many benefits, but learning about the choices and options available, as well as local legal restrictions, can be overwhelming. However, tinting is a great way to customize your car if you know what you want ahead of time and are careful to maintain your newly tinted windows.

Here is more information about the benefits of tinted windows, an explanation of the types of tints available and tinting laws, and the ways to keep those tints looking good. (more…)

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Important Facts About a Cracked or Chipped Windshield

No matter what, your windshield runs the risk of getting a chip or crack. Below are some important facts regarding chips and cracks in your windshield.

You Can Incur a Traffic Ticket

Federal law holds that cracks and chips smaller than 3/4 of an inch are permitted as long as they’re three inches or farther from other chips or cracks. However, they cannot be located within the driver’s view. While most police officers probably won’t stop you specifically because of a cracked windshield, they could add the violation onto a ticket they hand out. (more…)

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