Benefits of Having Your Vehicle Windows Tinted

Vehicle Windows TintedIn addition to protecting and maintaining your windshields and windows, you might decide to customize your vehicle windows with tint. Quality window tint is more than a personal preference or style choice — tinted windows provide several benefits. Knowing these can help you make a decision on which windows to tint and how dark to go.

Interior Protection

One of the biggest advantages of tinted windows is the protection the tint film gives the interior of your car. While you can park your car in the shade and use a windshield sun shield on sunny days, the light that streams in from your other windows can lead to interior damage.

The constant light and heat of the sun can crack or warp your dash and other vinyl areas. Leather, vinyl, or cloth seats can get discolored, and your entire interior can fade over time if you don’t have adequate protection from the sun.

Properly installed window tint minimizes the amount of sunlight that can enter your vehicle, which helps keep your interior looking newer longer.

UV Radiation Reduction

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun’s rays doesn’t just damage your vehicle — it’s also a common cause of skin cancer and accelerates the aging process. Sun damage from driving is so prevalent that skin cancers in the United States happen more frequently on the left side of the body because that’s the side that’s most exposed and vulnerable to the sun while driving.

While windshields are more heavily regulated and block most UV rays, the side and back windows don’t block most UVA rays that can contribute to some skin cancers. Even a slightly tinted window film will help block harmful UV rays, and some tints block 99 percent of UV rays from the sun.

Heat and Light Reduction

Tinted windows reduce the heat and light that reaches you and your passengers, which makes travel more comfortable and economical. Vehicle window tint can block between 35 and 65 percent of the heat that accumulates in your car due to the sun.

When solar heat is reduced, the cabin stays at a more comfortable temperature without excessive air conditioner use that increases fuel consumption. Window tints also help block excessive light and glare from the sun and other vehicles’ headlights, which makes driving a safer experience.

Safety and Privacy

An often overlooked benefit of tinted windows is increased safety. Window tint film acts as a shield between passengers and the window glass if you get into an accident that results in a window being cracked, chipped, or completely broken.

Window film helps prevent glass from shattering and holds shattered glass in place, which helps protect you and your companions from flying shards.

Additionally, regular car windows allow everyone who passes by to see everyone and everything inside your vehicle. When you have an auto glass company apply a professional window tint, you help increase privacy for yourself, your passengers, and your belongings.

Passersby won’t be able to see everything you’ve left in your locked vehicle and tinted glass is harder to break, which reduces the risk of theft and vandalism.

Improved Appearance

Tinted windows can also improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. Window tint can give your car a sleek, personalized appearance and might even raise the resale value of the vehicle. Window tint is available in multiple strengths, so you can customize your tint for the look you want and comply with local and state regulations.

To get a professional look, have an experienced window tinting company apply your tint, rather than attempting to do it yourself.

Aaron Auto Glass offers mobile auto glass repair, windshield replacement, and window tinting to vehicle owners throughout Chicagoland, southwest Wisconsin, and northwest Indiana. If you’re considering having your windows tinted, contact us today to get a quote and schedule an appointment.

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