A Guide to Ball Damage & Car Windows

Ball Damage in Car Windows – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassWhen you attend a sporting event, the last thing you expect is to take home a souvenir in the form of a broken car window. Unfortunately, sometimes a flying ball will get out of control and create damage to your vehicle.

Learn how balls may damage auto glass, what to expect when your windshield gets cracked, and the steps to take for a proper repair.

Can a Ball Smash Through My Window?

We’ve all seen those novelty stickers where it appears like baseball or tennis ball has completely smashed through a windshield and is stuck in the glass. While the prank is fun, the trick is not realistic due to modern auto glass technology. A typical windshield includes two layers of glass with a piece of laminate between the glass panes.

The purpose of the laminate is to prevent something smashing completely through the windshield and causing damage. So while a baseball or golf ball may have a huge impact on the vehicle, the ball will not actually break through the windshield.

Other parts of the car, like a sunroof or a rear window, may not include the laminate but instead have tempered glass. Tempered glass breaks into rounded pieces, but will allow the ball to go straight through the glass, especially when balls fly at high speeds.

Should I Drive With a Cracked Window?

The impact of a flying ball will create a large spiderweb crack on a windshield. The round shape of the ball causes the crack to expand outward in all directions. The spread of the cracks will create a lot of visual problems as you try to drive. Therefore, in some states, police officers may pull you over for driving with a cracked windshield and issue you a warning or ticket.

If you are located close to home when the crack occurs, you could attempt to navigate back home safely, but you should not drive a car with a cracked windshield for extended periods of time. The wind and force on the car as it moves will cause the cracks to spread outward.

If you can return home safely, a mobile windshield company can help repair and replace the windshield right at your home before you drive the car again. If the damage is too great to drive the car away from the location of impact, then the repairs may also be completed in a parking lot.

What Balls Can Cause the Most Damage?

Not only does the size of the ball matter when causing damage, but also the speed and velocity. This is why golf balls can cause a lot of damage when hit from a nearby course. A fast impact can create a huge crack across the whole windshield.

Baseballs also have a major impact when they are hit high in the air. Foul balls are often hit at fast speeds which can cause maximum damage. The larger size of softballs can also cause a lot of damage.

A bouncing basketball may not crack a windshield, but the impact could affect the edges of a windshield. If the edge of a windshield is loosened or moved, you increase the danger of a whole windshield flying off. A mobile auto glass technician will help seal the windshield and ensure the glass is secure to the vehicle.

Does Insurance Cover Ball Damage?

Naturally, you do not want to pay the costs for ball damage to your vehicle. When ball damage does occur, you want to take pictures and capture details about the location. You should exchange information with the person who damaged the windshield and use the information to file a claim.

Insurance policies differ, but many times ball damage is covered under comprehensive coverage from your own insurance. Other times, the other party’s insurance will cover the repairs, and sometimes a person who caused the crack may offer to pay out of pocket to avoid any insurance needs at all.

For more information on auto glass repairs, contact us at Aaron Auto Glass. We will help you repair your vehicle and undo any ball damage that may have occurred. Our mobile team makes it easy to repair your auto glass and get back to your everyday life.

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