7 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windshield

Broken Glass – Chicago, IL – Aaron Auto GlassAs the name suggests, your car’s windshield is the shield that protects you and your vehicle’s interior from dust, stones, debris, and wind when on the road. Without a windshield, driving is difficult and dangerous.

Though windshields are hardy enough to provide the protection you need, the flying debris and rocks often hit them, causing cracks, chips, or dents. While you can repair minor dents and cracks, the damage to your windshield can get bigger over time, and the only option is to install a new windshield.

So, how do you differentiate windshield damages that need repair and those that need replacement? Below are some signs to look for.

1. Poor Visibility

Any windshield damage that affects your visibility is a safety hazard, especially when driving on the highway. Since damages that cause visibility issues are large enough to see with naked eyes, you can’t repair such windshields. You may also get into trouble with law enforcement.

Therefore, if your windshield is in such a condition, the only viable option is to replace it before the damage worsens.

2. Cracks and Dents

Cracks and dents are common on windshields, thanks to impact from flying debris and stones. If the cracks are small, you can just repair your windshield, as they don’t pose any safety threat. However, if the cracks have occupied a large part of your windshield, a replacement will be necessary for your safety.

3. Excess Pitting

Like dents and cracks, pitting is common among vehicles that mostly drive on highways. The small pits on your windshield come from the impact the tiny rocks cause by hitting your windshield at high speeds.

Severe pitting will cause glares when direct sunlight hits the windshield, compromising your view. Since pitting has no repair, you only have one option: windshield replacement.

4. Leaks

Leaking windshields are a nuisance because they allow water inside your vehicle, causing damage to your interiors and electrical systems. This problem is common in old windshields because the rubber seals holding your windshield on the car deteriorate over time.

Huge cracks on the windshield can also allow water to seep into your car during heavy rains. Therefore, if your windshield is new and shows no cracks, poor installation is the culprit.

5. Missing Pieces

Windshields with missing parts make driving dangerous because outdoor elements, debris, and dirt will easily get inside your vehicle. If your windshield has huge dents along the edges, some of the broken parts may fall off if you continue using it as it is. In addition, a windshield with missing pieces does not provide enough structural support, causing the frame to sag.

Since such a windshield is already damaged beyond repair, windshield replacement is the only viable option.

6. Severe Scratching

Windshield scratching can happen when you neglect your wiper blades. While these scratches may not affect your windshield’s ability to protect you from external elements, they adversely affect visibility, putting you and your passengers at risk.

Only a windshield replacement can solve this problem.

7. Discoloration

If you frequently park your vehicle under the sun, heat and radiation can cause white or yellow spots on the windshield. Also, if PVB (the chemical that prevents your windshield from shattering during accidents) comes off the windshield, the windshield’s edges may turn white.

Due to safety concerns, damaged windshields need repair or replacement. Minor damages are easy to repair, but if the damage affects your windshield’s integrity or visibility, replace the windshield. Therefore, if your windshield shows any of the above signs, consider hiring an auto glass professional to replace it.

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