5 Dangerous Myths About Windshield Damage and Replacement

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While replacing your damaged windshield can cost up to $400, it’s safer to get a new windshield for your car if it’s damaged. Unfortunately, many myths and misconceptions about windshield installation, maintenance, and replacement exist. Such myths can affect the quality of care you give to your car’s windshield. Below are some of these windshield myths that you should know about and ignore.

1. Windshield DIY Kit Is Enough

Windshield repair kits are a big trend in auto care, effective if done correctly. The kits contain scraping tools, suction plungers, epoxy, resin, and curing strips.

While you may save some money with the kit, you might worsen the windshield problem and cause irreparable damage. Worse still, the DIY process can void the warranty on the windshield, and this could cost you more in professional windshield repair or replacement.

If you notice any problem with your windshield, visit an auto glass shop for close review, repairs, or replacement. A professional auto glass service will guarantee safe and proper windshield repair or replacement.

2. Windshields Can’t Break

Advances in auto glass technology have helped to produce stronger and more versatile windshields. Technologies such as heated windows, silver embedded glass, smart car glass, panoramic windshields, and wiper-less windshields all have an added element of strength for a safer driving experience.

However, these windshield technologies are not yet mass-produced. Laminated glass is the safest auto glass on the mass market. This safety auto glass is still prone to damage from debris, crashes, extreme temperatures, and vandalism.

The laminate windshield might not shatter, but it can still suffer other forms of damage. To protect your windshield, don’t park your car in direct sunlight or defrost the windshield with boiling water. If you have stubborn marks on the windshield, don’t scrub them; instead, visit an auto glass center for inspection.

3. Windshield Chips Don’t Matter

A minor crack on your car windshield might not look like a big deal. Some chips and cracks can even appear a few weeks after you install a new windshield. However, if you ignore this minor damage, you might require a windshield replacement in due course.

The car’s vibrations, temperature fluctuations, and other factors exacerbate small glass problems and turn them into major issues. If you notice a small crack on the windshield, make sure you have an auto glass technician check and repair the damage.

4. Windshield Damage Must Require a Replacement

Auto glass professionals now use advanced technology to deal with car window damage. The auto glass technician assesses the damage and determines the most effective auto repair technique. Windshield replacement is necessary in cases such as large cracks or chips, or when there are visibility issues.

5. Windshield Damage Isn’t Insured

Many people believe that insurance doesn’t cover auto glass repair. However, every insurance company out there is different. Before you visit an auto glass service, contact your insurance provider and get the correct details about car window coverage. Windshield damage on every car is unique, and insurers sort claims on a case-by-case basis.

The windshield is one of the most overlooked safety features in a car. To ensure that you always stay safe on the road, you should constantly keep an eye out for any damage to the glass. If you see any cracks or chips, even if they are small, make sure to consult an auto glass service for repairs or replacement.

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