4 Auto Glass Problems You Need to Repair

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Damage to your car windows isn’t just unattractive, it can also reduce visibility and increase your chances of being in an accident or receiving a fine. Generally, any damage greater than 3/4 inch in diameter that is within the driver’s view must be repaired to avoid legal repercussions.

Of course, chips aren’t the only glass problems you need to worry about. Assess your car windows for possible damage so you can have all car glass issues fixed at once.

1. Rock Chips and Cracks

Rock chips and cracks are one of the more common forms of damage on front windshields, and the size and type of damage impacts your repair options. Rocks and debris thrown up from the road are typically the cause of chips and cracks. And damage directly in the driver’s line of sight requires more prompt action than something on the passenger side.

Another sign you need an immediate repair is if a crack has reached the edge of your windshield, since this means that the integrity of the glass may be compromised.

Repair Methods

Repair methods depend on the size of the chip or crack. Generally, chips less than 1 inch in diameter can be filled, which means you won’t need to replace the windshield. Cracks can sometimes be repaired if they aren’t too long and don’t reach the edge of the glass. More severe damage will require a full windshield replacement.

2. Hazy Glass

Hazy glass tends to sneak up on car owners, as the glass just gradually becomes more hazed over time.

Window haze is often caused by the windshield wipers. As the wipers age, the blades become uneven and can trap dust and grit against the glass. When you use the wipers, the grit is swept across the glass so it acts like sandpaper. A similar issue occurs even with new wipers if you turn them on when the glass is dry.

Repair Methods

In some cases the windshield can be saved. If the damage isn’t severe, you may be able to have the small scratches buffed and polished from the glass. Repair is only an option if the scratches don’t penetrate the outer layer of the glass. Often times, though, the only option is to have the windshield replaced entirely.

3. Stuck Windows

A window stuck in the up or down position, or somewhere in between, compromises the security of your vehicle when parked and your comfort when driving.

The two most likely causes of a stuck window are either that the motor needs replaced or the window has slipped off its track. The former will require the installation of a replacement motor, while the latter can be repaired. Typically, the technician will remove the door panel so that they can reseat the window and replace any support parts that may have broken.

4. Leaking Seals

Seal leaks are often overlooked, especially on the side windows where the leak may not be as obvious. However, moisture leaking from the edges of the front or rear windshield is a major safety warning. If these seals give out, the entire windshield could fall in.

Moisture leaks on side windows are less concerning, but they can be messy. You can typically spot leaks when it rains or when you spray the windows with water, such as at a car wash.

Repair Method

Leaky windows don’t usually need to be replaced. For a front or rear windshield, the technician will remove and clean the glass, then replace it with new seals. Side windows have weather stripping that can age and weaken. Replacement of this stripping generally solves the problem.

There is no need to drive around with car windows that are in less than perfect condition. Contact Aaron Auto Glass to schedule your repair today.

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